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Japanese Restaurants Washrooms & Toilets Standards: The Best in The World?

Inside the washroom of a famous French Restaurant in Shizuoka City, Japan!

Washroom and toilets equipment and facilities are probably the most unsung export of Japan!
Just check the shares of such companies as Toto and Inax!
The Japanese live in a country which has to deal with extreme changes in climate and temperature on top of a very high humidity during blazing summers and flood-ridden typhoon seasons.
No wonder the Japanese have become the most picknicky people in the World in their island with an attention to detail that defies the imagination when it comes to personal hygiene!
After all, they are the biggest consumers of paper tissue and wet tissues in the World, too!

The toilets have their lid constantly closed over a heated seat!

In a region like Shizuoka celebrated for its gastronomy all over the country, new restaurants, bars, cafes and even izakaya are outdoing each other with their high-tech washroom and toilets!
Japan is probably the only country where I would dare pronounce the word “toilets” during a meal!
As an example to illustrate what you can and are entitled to expect let me “take you” to the facilities of a celebrated French restaurant which opened 4 years ago with the latest equipment of the time, a standard which has since been outclassed by many more establishments!

First the room itself is large enough for 2 people (spare me the idea!) and catering for many purposes.
As you can see on the above pictures the toilets are covered with a complete lid, a bonus compared to those gaping mouths contraceptions waiting for you back home (in France, in my case!)!
The seat of course can be heated and regulated to a comfortable temperature all year round.
Some new establishments will have toilets whose lid and seat will automatically lift and fall back down upon your entrance and exit!
The toilets themselves will be equipped with washlets spouting lukewarm water (can be regulated, too!). A boon for people with physical limitations!

Don’t start a futile search for levers or cord to press or pull, all handling comes under the form of a “computer box”!
Sometimes the Japanese characters can spell for troubling confusion but the most recent handling boxes are illustrated with small unequivocal “pictures” for a very easy understanding whatever country you come from!

You are “done with it”? Alright, let’s go and wash our hands at the sink located on the opposite side of the room.
A great improvement on most hotel toilet facilities where mirrors and basin are uncomfortably close to your toilets seat if not right in front of you!

A clean and classic white basin with a single adjustable cold/hot water tap/faucet.
I’ve seen other establishments in town adorning this particular section with black marble or false antique basin and tap!
I personally prefer white as an undeniable proof of good hygiene, but this is open to personal tastes!
Actually in this particular restaurant, all wasroom equipment is white from the toilet seat to the hand-washing liquid bottle!

Paper tissues and individual towels are clearly separated! No danger of exchanging germs here!

A cloth-lined basket for the hand towels and a (closed) dustbin for the paper tissue and others!

The washroom is equipped with a large mirror for ladies to rectify their make up and for gentlemen to inflate their ego.
Now, what is in that box on the table left of the mirror?

Extra service: maothwash capsules and cotton swabs (ear buds in England!)!
You might smile or grin, but such mouthwash could come very handy after too much drinking or before going back to work after lunch. Now, I know a lot of uses for cotton swabs….

All this has become a reference for basic excellence. More and more establishments offer even better facilities and I make a point to clearly assess this “unmetionable trait” in all reports on my gastronomic aventures!


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