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Urban Art: Zodiac Pavement Tiles in Hamamatsu City!


The Crab/Cancer/♋!


If you go out of Hamamatsu JR Station and through the North Exit and then walk between the railway line and the ACT CITY Buildings you will discover tiles on the pavement describing the 12 symbols of the Zodiac!
They are not following the order of the modern Zodiac as far as I could determine but I will introduce them below in the walking order!
For a bit of interesting study I included Zodiac order, symbol, the ecliptic longitudes, with their Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, and Babylonian names (but note that the Sanskrit and the Babylonian name equivalents denote the constellations only, not the tropical zodiac signs). Also, the “English translation” is not usually used by English speakers. The Latin names are standard English usage.
Source: Wikipedia


4 ♋ 90° Cancer The Crab Καρκῖνος (Karkinos) Karkata (कर्कट) AL.LUL “The Crayfish”


5 ♌ 120° Leo The Lion Λέων (Leōn) Simha (सिंह) UR.GU.LA “The Lion”


6 ♍ 150° Virgo The Maiden Παρθένος (Parthenos) Kanyā (कन्या) AB.SIN “The Furrow”; “The Furrow, the goddess Shala’s ear of corn”


7 ♎ 180° Libra The Scales Ζυγός (Zygos) Tulā (तुला) ZIB.BA.AN.NA “The Scales”


8 ♏ 210° Scorpio The Scorpion Σκoρπιός (Skorpios) Vrśhchika (वृश्चिक) GIR.TAB “The Scorpion”


9 ♐ 240° Sagittarius The (Centaur) Archer Τοξότης (Toxotēs) Dhanusha (धनुष) PA.BIL.SAG, Nedu “soldier”


10 ♑ 270° Capricorn “Goat-horned” (The Sea-Goat) Αiγόκερως (Aigokerōs) Makara (मकर) SUHUR.MAŠ “The Goat-Fish” of Enki


11 ♒ 300° Aquarius The Water-Bearer Yδροχόος (Hydrokhoos) Kumbha (कुम्भ) GU.LA “The Great One”, later qâ “pitcher”


12 ♓ 330° Pisces The Fishes Iχθύες (Ikhthyes) Mīna (मीन) SIM.MAḪ “The Tail of the Swallow”, later DU.NU.NU “fish-cord”


1 ♈ 0° Aries The Ram Κριός (Krios) Meṣha (मेष) LU.HUŊ.GA “The Agrarian Worker”, Dumuzi


3 ♊ 60° Gemini The Twins Δίδυμοι (Didymoi) Mithuna (मिथुन) MAŠ.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL “The Great Twins” (Castor and Pollux)


2 ♉ 30° Taurus The Bull Ταuρος (Tavros) Vrishabha (वृषभ) GU4.AN.NA “The Steer of Heaven”

Great fun, ain’t it?


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