Italian Restaurant: Via Del Borgo (revisited)

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Last week, I thought it was about grand time to pay a visit to one of the best three (in my biased view) Italian Restaurants in Shizuoka: Via Del Burgo.
Since their re-location last August, the restaurant has ceaselessly and amply justified its reputation for great quality and inventiveness.
That is why I never bother to read the menu in such an establishment.
My friend and I just ordered the Chef’s recommendations!

But first things first: I went into their cellar (yes, I’m allowed to do so, and any guest should act likewise as their cellar is open to everyone!) and chose a slightly extravagant Barolo red 2002, Azienda Agricola Cascina Fontana, Perno, Monforte d’Alba.
A very rich brew with a lot of red fruits, a slightly tannic attack turning quickly smooth on the palate after a little twirling around. The perfect nectar for the dishes that graced our table on that particular evening! (Rowena and Jen are going to kill me for such a succinct appraisal!)

We were offered a pair of small crostini to help us wait for our first order: blue cheese cream and liver paste.

Zuwagani Chitarra Pasta. Zuwa Crab is a delicious and slightly extravagant crab coming from the cold seas of the North. Great balance attained with the tomato and cream sauce.

Ezo Shika Ragu Tagliatelle. Ezo Shika is a great indigenous (Japanese) deer/venison that would adorn any of our good tables in the Old and New Worlds!

Black Truffles Risotto.
One reason why I consider Via Del Borgo one of the three best Italian Restaurants in Shizuoka is simply because they make the best risotto in the Prefecture!

Roasted Boar Cub from Kumamoto.
Brought me back memories of French “marcassin”!

As we had a little wine left, I asked the chef to bring a little cheese:
A spoon of acacia honey for Quartirolo (cow’s milk), Taleggio, dry figs, green pepper smoked cheese and a little home-made bread.

I have been told that my reports are a bit dry, which I totally agree with! Photos will always say more than all the prose you might embark on!

420-0034, Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Tokiwa-cho, 3-2-7
Tel/fax: 054-221-7666
Business hours: Lunch (11:30~14:30), Cafe (15:00~), Dinner (18:00~22::00)
Closed on Tuesdays
Credit cards OK
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

4 thoughts on “Italian Restaurant: Via Del Borgo (revisited)”

  1. Dear Jen!
    This Friday, I’m visiting another of the 3 best Italian restaurants in Shizuoka.
    As I will eat there with wine lovers, I promise a real tasting comment!
    Tag? Brrrr….


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