French Cake by Bernard Heberle: 4810 (Mont-Blanc)


My good French friend, Bernard Heberle, a native from Alsace in France and plying his trade as a patissier in Hamamatsu City, has just sent me his last creation:

Yes, you read well, this cake’s name is a number!
Can you guess?

In his own words:
“En cette période des Kinmokusei , je te présente ce gâteau bien connu des japonais et peut être leur favori avec les short cake.
Son nom 4810 ( Non , ce n’est pas son prix , seulement l’altitude de notre Mont Blanc )
Celui ci , le notre est une base de meringue au lait avec une crème de marron et une génoise a la vanille , crème pâtissière et crème montée, nous utilisons des marrons italien du Piémont.”

“In the Kinmokusei (fragrant orange-colored olive, the tree of Shizuoka Prefecture. Look below for picture) season, I would like to introduce a cake well known to the Japanese and perhaps their favourite with short cake.
Its name is 4810 (No, it’s not its price, only the height of Mont-Blanc!).
This particular creation rests on a milk meringue, then a marron cream and vanilla genoise. Next a creme patissier and a creme montee.
We use Itlian marrons from Piemonte.”

Kinmokusei (fragrant orange-colored olive, the tree of Shizuoka Prefecture)

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