Japanese Fruits 3: Pione Budou-Pione Grapes


There are a lot of fruit which either originated or grew to be characteristic of Japan.
I’m trying to introduce into this new series to help my vegan and vegetarian (I’m no) friends in particular as fruit can be adapted into so many ways!

1) Nashi/Asian Pear
2) Jirou Kaki/Jirou Persimmon

Grapes are relatively new to Japan, but its people have compensated this with an eye to create new strains with great success.

Pione Grapes are grown in aerial style.

Pione Grapes are a typical example.
They are a cross between Kyoho Grapes and Cannon Hole Muscat.
Kyoho grapes (巨峰葡萄) are hemselves a Concord-like cross (Vitis vinifera x Vitis labrusca) between Campbell and Centennial grape varieties.

Kyoho grapes were first produced in 1942 in Shizuoka Prefecture, but were not so named until 1946.

Pione Grapes compared to Muscat Grapes

Pione Grapes (ピオネ葡萄) were also first produced in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1957 by a farmer called Hideo Ikawa.
Pione is an Italian name.

Pione grape

Pione grapes are usually seedless, juicy and very sweet making them very versatile for all kinds of desserts:

A typical Japnese dessert:
Pione Grape inside mochi!

Pione Tart!
Irresistible, isn’t it?

But Pione Grapes, especially their flesh in “Concasse” style can be used in salads:

A dream salad for vegans!
Pione Grapes flesh on organic “Mizu nasu”/Mizu egg plant sashimi.
This particular kind of (Japanese) egg plant is eaten raw.
A little pepper and voila!

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7 thoughts on “Japanese Fruits 3: Pione Budou-Pione Grapes”

  1. I grow pione grape in northern parts of thailand ,the problem is has seeds.I would like to know the Pione grapevines have seeds or not I only know the original from Italy this grapevine easy to grow and bear fruit very easy .The texture is solf and smell grape and very sticky kin
    Matty -Thuong,Phayao,Thailand


  2. Wow! I love grapes. They really look plump and juicy. I love the way they are grown along with the deep purple color. Now that a unique was of cultivating them.


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