French Cuisine: Lunch at Tetsuya Sugimoto (new formula)

Service: personal and very friendly
Facilities: great washroom, great cleanliness overall
Prices: reasonable, good value.
Strong points: Very fresh local ingredients extensively used. Seasonal ingredients of the best quality only.
no-smoking-logoentirely non-smoking!

Since the beginning of June, Tetsuya Sugimoto has re-started with the formula he had so much success with in his former restaurant: a one-man (solo) show!
Tell the truth, he was more or less forced to do it, but he admits that he is quite happy as things are now. After all, his clients are slow food fans in the broadest sense!

On the blackboard outside the prices have been done without. Only the new arrivals of the day are featured: Vegetables from Mr. Yano (Hamamatsu City), Bio Farm Satsuki (Fujinomiya City), Mikatahara Kaneko (Hamamatsu City), Suzuki Noen (Hamamatsu City), Milk Lamb from Iida Bokujyo (Hamamatsu City),….

The Menu has also dispensed with set menus and the like,
Actually, the best way to order your repast is to consult Mr. Sugimoto and either give him a budget to work with, or ask him to arrange this and that. The guests and the chef devise the meal together, a rarity in Japan!

As for the seating the 7 tables seating two each can be arranged in any pattern thanks to white partitions ensuring privacy if needed. The latter can be taken out quickly in case of a party.

5 can sit at the counter, my favourite place when coming alone.
It allows me to stand up any time and chat with the chef while he is cooking!

Although Mr. Sugimoto is a bit shy, he will gladly let you take pictures if you ask nicely!

Here are the vegetables we had agreed on to go with the meat.
All are from Shizuoka Prefecture, except the dark carrots from Hokkaido.

The meat was shoulder from a 3-month old lamb.

The appetizer was fish rillettes prepared with Cognac, Pernod, Fresh cream and white miso!

The second appetizer was white asparaguses from Hokkaido.

Boiled to perfection and served with a light sauce made with pheasant bouillon and Japanese fermented butter.

Be it daytime or night time, a couple of glasses of wine are always in order!

Les Airs, Cotes du Rhone red 2007, unfiltered by Les Vignerons d’Estezargues, 14.5 degrees proof of alcohol. Very solid, fruity, rustic wine with big notes of red fruit and cassis in aroma,soft on the palate in spite of its obvious strength, welcome acidity, lingers long enough to be fully appreciated. Well-chosen, if not famous, wine!

Now, for the main dish!

The lamb was cooked rare, barel seasoned and served with Madeira sauce.

The vegetables were slightly boiled before being fried or deep-fried to preserve their crunchiness and flavors.
Eating them one at a time is a true gastronomic experience even for an omnivore.

Desserts are a must at Tetsuya Sugimoto!
Light and full of flavours, they will actually benifit your health!
Creme d’ange made with Hokkaido Fromage Blanc (Hokkaido No Kyodo Gakusha) with vincoto sauce and rhubarb puree and Hon Yama Seicha Mousse made with green tea from Shizuoka!

Great coffee and amuse-bouches to top it all!

Had it not been lunch, I would have ordered a digestif or a glass of Shizuoka Sake that the chef always keeps handy!

420-0038 Shizuoka Shi, Aoi Ku, Umeya, 2-13, 1F
Tel./Fax: 054-251-3051
Opening hours: 11:30~13:30 (last orders), 18:00~21:00 (last prders)
Day off: varying, please phone beforehand.
Reservations strongly recommended.
Vegetarian or vegan meals on request.
Private parties possible.
Credit Cards OK

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