Vegan Yuzu Sherbet

In these hot days of summer, yuzu are abundant and make for simple and great desserts.
Here is a very simple recipe that should please vegans and friends with special needs!

Vegan Yuzu Sherbet!


-Yuzu: 2 small
-Sufar: 80 g
-Lemon juice: a little
-Warm water: 1 cup/200 cc/ml


-Grate the skin/zest of the first yuzu. Peel just enough of the skin/zest of the second yuzu and cut into thin thin strips (for decoration).
Press the juice off both yuzu.

-Dissolve the sugar completely in the warm water. Add yuzu juice and a little lemomn juice.

-Let cool completely. Pour ininside a Tupperware and leave inside the freezer for 2 hours. Take out 2~3 times and break and mix around with a spoon.

-When it has reached the wanted state, serve it in a bowl of your choice with yuzu peel and some fresh mint for decoration!

Easy, ain’t it?

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4 thoughts on “Vegan Yuzu Sherbet”

  1. This just sounds yummy, and so refreshing. I recently made a sake sorbet that was sake, lemon juice and simple syrup, Something tells me a bit of sake would make a nice adult version to your lovely sorbet. But in the mean time. I am on the hunt for yuzu to make your yummy sounding dessert.


  2. What, no dedication to me this time? Is it because I’m not a vegan? In all seriousness, thanks for your extensive efforts in my behalf. All three yuzu desserts look fabulous!

    Incidentally, have you ever experimented with agave nectar as a sugar substitute?


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