Matsutake Mushrooms and Conger Eel Fritters at Pissenlit

Service: excellent and very friendly
Facilities: great washroom, great cleanliness overall
Prices: reasonable, good value.
Strong points: Interesting wine list. Great use of local products.
no-smoking-logoentirely non-smoking!

If celebrated chefs like Dominique Corby at 6eme Sens in Tokyo (1 Michelin Star and a regular on TV’s) say that Tooru Arima at Pissenlit is a chef is worth the trip all the way don to Shizuoka City, there is little else I can say except paying a regular visit to the establishment!

The cuisine at Pissenlit is always seasonal as his Matsutake Mushrooms and Conger Eel Fritters/Beignets de Matsutake et de Congre.
Matsutake Mushrooms have just appeared on the market, and he announced them as Haya matsutake/早松茸/early matsutake.
Frankly speaking i don’t have a real clue as to the order of the cooking, although I suspect it was done allat one time (maybe not for the mushroom, though) but it is certainly a small tour de force.

Thin strips of congre eel/anago/穴子 were rolled around matsutake mushroom and dipped in a thickish batter. The way of serving it was also a little piece of art.
The batter was solid and slightly crispy, more like a cake than a fritter batter.
The dressing made of olive oil, river weeds extract and matsutake juice was sublime and I cerainly didn’t leave a drop (sponged in a little nread…).
I left the plate absolutely clean!

420-0839 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Takajo, 2-3-4
Tel.: 054-270-8768
Fax: 054-627-3868
Business hours: 11:30~14:30; 17:00~22:00
Closed on Tuesdays and Sunday evening
Homepage (Japanese)
Credit Cards OK

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