BBQ with Shizuoka Agricultural Products Under Mount Fuji!

Last Monday we were lucky and blessed with splendid weather before Typhoon No1 fell around our ears the next day!

Our merry band of gastronomes rode from Shizuoka City to Fujinomiya City getting nearer and nearer Mount Fuji!

We finally arrived at our destination, Bayern Meister Bier, run by Stephan Rager already busy preparing the BBQ in the space outside the Brewery.
Alright before I lose them for good let me imtroduce the true gastronomes of Shizuoka Prefecture who attended the event:

Mr. Yoshimura from Uzu Restaurant in Shizuoka City.
The leader of the band! Sorry, but I just couldn’t catch him alone during the whole day!

Mr. Shimura from Narusei tenpura Restaurant in Shizuoka City.

Mr. Takashima from Takashima Sake Brewery in Numazu City.

Mr. Nakata from Hiro Sushi Sushi Restaurant in Kikugawa City.

Mr. Sano of Sanoman Co. in Fujinomiya City.

Mr. Tozaki (nice guy, actually!) from Hana Oto Chinese Restaurant in Shizuoka City.

Mr. Sano from Kamoshibito Japanese Restaurant in Shizuoka City.

Mr. Kuawahara from Yukai Co. in Fujinomita City.

Mr. & Mrs. Rager from Bayern Mesiter Bier in Fujinomiya City.

At any BBQ (in Japan) you expect beer and a lot of it!
What better place then to hold our BBQ at Bayern Meister Bier! Stephan Rager, the only German Beer masterbrewer owning and making beer in his own brewery in Japan founded his establishment 7 years ago.

Stephan’s Diploma!

One can visit the brewery any time of the year as it also includes a small restautrant and shop (it can be really cold in winter there!).

Of course the whole place, inside and outside can be rented for parties!

Stephan even grows his own hop for special limited brews!

The bier!

The three regular beers: Weissen, Prinz and Spezial (don’t worry, a more detailed interview is in the offing!)!

All the meat, beef, pork and chicken (all local!), and local vegetables were provide by Mr. Sano of Sanoman. Extravagant!

That’s the Man!

Fresh vegetables from Fujinomiya City.
Soon I will run articles on the incredible vegtables grown in that area!

Prime beef!

Not only Mr. Sano provided all the food but he spent most of his time cooking it!

Prime pork. Sorry for the blurry pictures, what with beer and the sun, I had a hard time focusing!

A novel way to draft black beer!

Sausages, of course!

The whole range (well, a small part) from Sanoman Co.!

Fresh liver!

A late arrival, Mr. Kunugi from Kunugi Trout Farm in Fujinomiya City!

A whole plate of sashimi of Fuji Rainbow Salmon Trout!


While the yakitori grilled we took a pause for the very Japanese tradition of self-introctions (mine was the shortest!LOL)!

Ready to eat! With a little salt and pepper, nothing else, just perfect!

And then the start of the real Fujinomiya Yakisoba!

Sano San of Sanoman Co. busy at work again!

The real Fujinomiya Yakisoba for the true gastronomes only!

After the BBQ we visited Mr. Kuwahara’s Yukai Farm where truly extravagant pigs are bred in incredible surroundings!

Right under Mount Fuji which provides all the water to the farm!

Everyone had to comply to the strict hygiene rules and sterelize their footwear!

Although the pigs tend to herd together they benefit from more space than in any usual farm. And their sties are cleaned twice a day.
The pigs are taken away from other herds kept at a long distance to avoid any disease and the culling is done away from the farm by a specialized company or maximum quality and minimum stress.

Visitors must go upstairs to observe the pigs without causing any stress to the animals.

They are literally kept in an incredibly clean “house” naturally ventilated. Not only the water but also the air they breathe is pure!

As for their feed, even humans can safely eat it. I actually did (sweet corn!)!
The motto is: “Quality, not quantity”!
As for traceability, you just can’t beat them!

As the last stage of our day we visited “mangenton” delicatessen owned and run by Mr, Sano’s Sanoman Co.

They even have a restaurant for private parties!

An embarrasment of choice!

The sausages!

A very busy place, any tine of the day of the season! Just look at the number plates of the cars and you will be surprised!

They even have a TV screen to suggest you recipes!

Last but not least they sell their own smoked ham!
I don’t need to tell you what my next visit will be all about!

With a Glass,
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2 thoughts on “BBQ with Shizuoka Agricultural Products Under Mount Fuji!”

  1. Congratulations for this amusing and interesting “reportage”! It reminds me I wanted to buy a teppanyaki-style grill and still haven’t. The pigs with spots look very funny! I have recently found a (French) butcher selling only “happy” pigs’ meat and the difference in taste is huge, almost like eating a different type of meat.


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