Sushi Restaurant: Atsu in Shizuoka City!

Service: Friendly and attentive
Equipment: Great overall cleanliness. Beautiful washroom
Prices: Expensive
Strong points: Top-class seafood. Rare Shizuoka sake!

Eating sushi in Shizuoka City is even an experience in Japan!
Chefs can choose to use only local seafood, only seafood from other shores, or a personal mixture of the two with equal success.
Atsu in Shizuoka City is of the third kind, which means that the chef, Atsu Mochizuki, does come up with some rarities!

Atsu serves no less than 16 local Shizuoka Sake, from rare to extremely rare with the consequent prices!

The four of us last night opted for a “makase/chef’s course.
The pictures will surely tell you enough about the quality!

Shako/蝦蛄/Mantis Shrimp! Served as they are!

Tamagoyaki/玉子焼き/Japanese omelet!

Shiroebi/白海老/White Shrimps!

Ishidai/石鯛/Striped beakfish, Barred Knifejaw!

A rarity, Kawamatsu Karei/川松鰈/a variety of righteye flounder/turbot!

Kohada/小肌/Marinated flesh and skin of a Konishiro/鰶・鮗・鯯・鱅/Dotted gizzard shad

Another rarity: Keiji/鮭児/A rare variety of small salmon!

The bones and meat of the dame grilled!

Hamaguri/蛤/Large cockle/Clam!


Anago Aburi/穴子炙/Grilled Conger Eel!

Shime saba/〆鯖/Lightly pickled mackerel!

Maguro Zuke/鮪漬/Marinated lean part of Tuna!

Uni Gunkan/海栗軍艦/Sea urchin mounted on a rice ball wrapped in dry seaweed!

And for the finale, kuruma Ebi/車海老/Large boiled prawn!

To be continued…

Shizuoka City, Suruga Ku, Oshika, 1-4-19
Tel.: 054-2854010
Opening hours: 11:30~13:30, 17:00~
Closed on Mondays
Credit cards OK


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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6 thoughts on “Sushi Restaurant: Atsu in Shizuoka City!”

  1. Agree with Sissi. The close-ups are more often in sharp focus, so we can truly visually enjoy the artistry of the cuisine. I’ve so enjoyed the posts of farmers, bento, and dining throughout Shizuoka.

    If at all possible, would it be possible to include the status of smoking toleration in the reviews? If there is no mention of “No smoking” (always a major plus), does that mean smoking is allowed?


    1. Dear Pat!
      AS I said I finally managed to master that complicated camera-mobile phone of mine!
      Now, about the smoking issue, I can mention “non-smoking” in bold blue and “smoking allowed” inn bold red but at the end of the artucle with the extablishment information.
      What do you think?


      1. I’m also learning to control my new CoolPix camera, after many years with a CyberShot. Takes time but the results are spectacular.

        As for labeling with the establishment information, that seems like a very reasonable and helpful solution.

        As we know, the concept of “non-smoking” has a porous definition here in Japan. To me, it means 100% smoke free at all times. That would worthy of be the Big Blue Non-Smoking mention. Anything else is essential the Red Smoking mention. I really thank you for taking the trouble to add this very important data point. I do my best to actively seek out and support all non-smoking establishments will the cheerful hope of a better future for all. Many thanks.



    1. LOL
      Actually I finally mastered my camera-specialized mobile phone! It took me a long time but now I can come up with good enough pictures.
      Better late than never!
      Thank you so much for your kind comments!


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