Shizuoka Oden Fair 2012! Sunday 12th!

Men at work!

Sunday 12th saw a bright day with big crowds in Shizuoka City and it was quite a feat to take pictures in that bustle!

Sakura ebi/Cherry shrimps Yakisoba!

This time I started with the side streets of Koya Machi, Gofuku Cho and Shichiken Cho before a last round in Aoba Square and Aoba Koen/Park!

Famous croquettes from Mishima City!

The oden stand of the most famous kamaboko/steamed fish paste shop in Shizuoka City!

The oden stand of Tokaiken, the largest bento shop in town!

Yuujin Izakaya Oden!

Lunch time for many families in Gofuku Cho!

A popular tebasaki/手羽先/Chicken wings stand!

Comfort food for the cold weather!

Shizuoka Young Meat producers Association oden stand!

Oden stand of Ogawa, one of the most famous oden restaurant in town!

Mirukusanbu Izakaya oden stand!

More families gathering for lunch in Shichiken Cho near the Isetan Department Store!

Akai Izakaya oden stand!

Setsuko Oden Izakaya oden stand!

The city had provided plenty of trash bins and kept cleaning up the place at all times!

Back in Aoba Koen the street was even more crowded!

Plenty of wardens to take care of the crossing traffic!

It was just impossible to take pictures inside Aoba Square behind the Shizuoka City Hall!

Some serious drinking even at lunch time!

Any place would do for eating (and drinking!)!

Even plenty of beef (and beer!) was available!

The Shizuoka specialty: Sakura Ebi Kakiage/Cherry Shrimps Tempura!

See you again there next year!


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4 thoughts on “Shizuoka Oden Fair 2012! Sunday 12th!”

  1. Robert-Gilles,

    Looks like the vendors had a mix of both Kanto and Kansai versions (going by dashi color), or was that just the progression-amalgamation of the dashi throughout the day?

    Either way, it looks good.

    As for alternatives: I’ve seen frozen oden entrees sold at Japanese super markets. I took a look at the package and it said you have to defrost and simmer in dashi–so still some work on your part is required.

    I made some last week with tamago/daikon/hanpen/chikuwa/renkon/tofu slowly simmered in a kansai dashi. But I don’t have those dividers or a large pan of that size, so I just used a basic nabe. There is nothing like it on a cold day. It really warms the house and you up. Do you remember what was in the miso sauce, other than miso of course?

    I’ve also seen the canned versions, but they are usually loaded with artificial flavors, colors and msg. If you decide to make it yourself give the root vegetables the utmost care by giving them time to simmer away, and don’t let the dashi reach an actual boil the difference in a quickly cooked one and a slowly simmered one is immense. Good luck!

    Kind regards,


    PS: Robert-Gilles, I went ahead and made those updates I spoke of before; take a look at my blog when you get a chance. (Sorry for another long message; being thorough is just my nature, haha!)


    1. No worries, mate!
      I love long messages!
      There are basically three types of oden: Kanto style, dark and strong. The darkest are found in Shizuoka Prefecture. Kansai style with thin brothe. Nagoya style served with miso!
      As for the miso soup, it is obviously light red miso thinned with the dashi of the same oden!
      As for miso, it tends to be very clear in Nagoya and darker in other regions.
      The nabe style for nabe is what is done at homes while the diders are for shps and izakayas!
      I’m to your blog right away!


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