Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Aoshima Brewery-Kikuyoi Futsushu Muroka Shiboritate Tooki Genshu


When Aoshima Brewery puts out a “futsushu/normal sake/non-premium sake”, it is a small event in itself!
In fact the very title shows it has got little normal about it!
“Futsushu” stands for “normal sake”, “Muroka” for “Unfiltered”, Shibroitate” for “Just pressed”, “Tooki” for “Winter Season” and “Genshu” for Unwatered sake”.
On top of that it is a “Gentei/Limited” sake!


Plenty of explanations for a “Normal sake#!


As I have already said it is a limited brand, and it could be the very last one as Aoshima San confided he might not make any more “futsushu” from next year as they turn to be more expensive than a premium honjozo!

Alcohol: 19~20 degrees
Bottled on 21st December 2012

Clarity: Very clear
Color light golden hue
Aroma: Discreet end elegant. Alcohol. Rice
Body: Fluid, slightly sirupy
Taste: Strong attack backed with puissant delicious alcohol and petillant akin to a junmai.
Very dry in approach.
Complex: dry nuts.
Lingers for a while with alcohol warming up back of the palate.
Varies very little with food. Only get drier with more petillant.
Actually marries marvelously with any food, especially heavy izakaya fare.

Overall: For lovers of elegant but strong sake!
You have to told again and again that it is only a “futsushu/normal sake” as there is nothing normal about it!
This is when you realize the general level of the sake found in Shizuoka Prefecture! Just add on top of that that Aoshima Brewery’s Kikuyoi brand regularly appears on national magazines…!!!!


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