Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2013/12/05): The Return of Double Piston Bock

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin

The Return of Double Piston Bock

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

I love the change of seasons as well as the change within seasons; change that is tangible really on a weekly basis. There is nothing in the beverage world that can mirror, embody, reflect both the dramatic changes of season and the subtle changes within season like Beer. I have said it a million times, but the truth of the statement rings louder and echoes further with each passing utterance: “Beer is the most varied and diverse beverage on earth!” Our poor friends at industrial breweries have completely missed the boat on this beautiful beer diversity thing. It almost seems unfair that us small guys, leading as we do with our unbreakable inner compass of beer passion and professional craftsmanship, should get to have all the fun. I’m not complaining, though. And today I get to share more of this gleeful fun with you.

New-Old Seasonal Baird Beer Release:
*Double Piston Bock (7.5%):

In Germany, its homeland, a Bock is first and foremost a strong lager beer. A regular Bock starts at a gravity not less than 16 Plato, a Dopplebock not less than 18 Plato. There is some controversy surrounding the origin of the name ‘Bock’, but I believe what I read in Michael Jackson’s “New World Guide to Beer” book: “The name most probably originates from that of the town of Einbeck … It seems likely that the identity of brews from this town was in time popularly abbreviated to ‘beck beer.’ Later, that contraction was corrupted into ‘bock’ in the Bavarian accent.” The city of Einbeck emerged in the Middle Ages as what seems to have been the world’s first great center of commercial brewing.

Double Piston Bock is our version of a classic Dopplebock. I brewed the first batches of it back in 2001 on our 30-liter Fishmarket Taproom nano-brewing system. The next time we brewed it wasn’t until 2007. The third time, always the charm, is now.

Double Piston Bock starts at a gravity of 18.5 Plato and finishes at 4.7. We have been lagering it in our cellar for 4-plus months. It is brewed with three German malts (Pilsner, Munich, Caraaroma) and two German hops (Tradition, Perle). Bitterness is calculated at 25 IBUs. The color is dark with amber highlights. It has a very rich start, a full rounded body with a sweet mouth-feel, and the finish is long and silky.

Double Piston Bock begins pouring from our Taproom taps tonight (Thursday, December 6). I will be making a beeline to the Fishmarket Taproom this evening to enjoy a glass or two myself. Double Piston Bock also is available for immediate shipment to other Baird Beer retailing establishments in Japan. This year it is draught-only (no bottles).

If you make it to a Taproom tonight, may I suggest starting off the evening with a hand-pump pulled single-hopped English style Extra Special Bitter. In a follow-up to our single-hopped Fuggle ESB, tonight we are tapping East Kent Golding ESB (5.5%). East Kent Golding, historically, has been the signature hop in English brewing; ESB has been one of England’s signature beer styles. Two storied styles from two renowned beer cultures, only on tap at the Baird Taproom pubs.


Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan


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