Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Suruga Brewery-Abekaido Tokubetsu Honjozo


As I mentioned before Suruga Brewery, the “officially” (I do have a bone of contention about that…) second newest brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture preserved the names of the sake brands produced by the defunct Yoshiya Brewery after they acquired their license.
And “Abekaido/The Route Along the Abe River” is one of them!
The label represents a genuine woodblock print made in Edo period when people did travel a lot along the Abe River in Shizuoka City they had to cross along the Old Tokaido Road!
Keep the label!


I acquired this particular 300 ml bottle at Cenova Department Store in Shizuoka City which makes the effort to give enough information!


Rice milled down to 60&
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Dryness: + 7
Bottled in November 2013

Clarity: Very clear
Color: Almost transparent
Aroma: Pleasant, dry and fruity. Banana, custard.
Body: Fluid
Taste: Well-rounded and deep attack with soft alcohol.
Complex. Fruity. Custard, with late hints of dry oranges and persimmons.
Lingers only for a little while.
Very elegant and gentle approach for a seemingly “modest” sake.
Changes little with food but for a drier and nuttier note.
Clings solidly to its qualities all along with or without food. Drinks up very quickly!

Overall: A sure value!
The kind of ask you can drink for any occasion. Great with any fod that it will enhance without overwhelming it.
The perfect present/souvenir to a sake-lover beyond our Prefecture for an endless conevrsation topic on Japanese sake, culture and history!


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18 thoughts on “Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Suruga Brewery-Abekaido Tokubetsu Honjozo”

  1. Dear Robert-Gilles,

    Arrive this morning! What an interesting package, bottle, and label. Beautifully boxed, too. I shall enjoy your detailed and articulate analysis of the tasting experience with the real item. Let me know about noon Jan 1st. My timing is flexible. You, sir, are a sake gentleman! xoxo, Patricia


    1. I’m really happy for you! I sincerely hope it will be the beginning of a great collection! When I have the time I’ll sort out the labels I have and send them to you with explanations!
      As for January 1st, please wait a little!
      Could you give me you phone number?
      Mine is zero-nine-zero-four-one-nine-seven-seven-siz-nine-eight!
      best regards,


      1. With pleasure.   090-1678-9441. Just let me know your schedule and I should be able to accommodate you.

          / Patricia Yarrow   



      2. Dear Pat!
        A friend of mine checked the schedule of the festival!
        Please read it attentively before deciding your own visit!:

        Jan. 1st
        12:00-17:00 Watarizome/渡り初め They will start the procession from Toyozumi Shrine and then parade along Old Tokaido.

        Jan. 2nd
        Some ceremonies/events will be held such as Kodomo Daiko/子供太鼓, Kodomo Sanren Daiko/子供三連太鼓 and O Taiko matsuri/お太鼓祭り.
        All the residents of Machiyahara/町屋原 will be participate in O Taiko matsuri.

        Jan. 3rd
        0:00-0:30 Okuri Daiko/送り太鼓. This is the one that we saw in the pictures and posters.

        Best regards,


      3. Dear Dragonlife,

        Thanks for your call and info.
        How would meeting sometime (anytime) on Jan 2nd suit your schedule? What time does the otaiko begin?

        Jan. 3rd my sports club reopens and I have an appointment with my personal trainer, so the 2nd is best.



      4. Dear R-G,

        So, our plan is to meet at Yui-eki (which is tiny) at noon on Jan. 2nd.

        I will make a special Green Car reservation from Tokyo and see you then. Monkey-hat on, I suppose!

        Very much looking forward to meeting you and perhaps Ms. Dragon as well.

        Thanks for everything you have done this year.

        /Patricia Yarrow


      5. Dera Pat!
        I’ll be waiting for you at Yui station. Don’t forget you have to change to the Tokaido local line on the way.
        Since you are coming from Tokyo, Mishima would be the best as you cannot switch lines at Shin Fuji in case you come by Shinkasen.
        Anyway I will call you at noon from Yui Station. I’ll probably be on my own.
        I know about the monkey hat as they sell it here, too! LOL
        Best regards,

        P.S.: I’m easy to recognize: small, rotund, balding with a white goatee and I’m French! LOL


  2. All of this sake is making my toes tingle. I don’t even have to imbibe – just seeing the lovely labels and reading the descriptors is quite wonderful. Please do have some for me!!! Peace, love, and light! 🙂


  3. That is a beautiful label! I really wish I could find it up here in Tokyo, greedy person that I am. Thanks for all the great sake accounts throughout this year, and Merry Christmas.


      1. You are too kind! I am creating my sake label website over the holidays and will include it with happiness, with proper attribution.
        Location on Earth: Patricia Yarrow 3-3-8-404 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo-to 130-0026

        sumimasen and merci!


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