Soba, Tempura & Local Products at Yuriyama in Ikumi, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture!

Service: Shy but very kind and attentive
Equipment: Overall very clean. excellent washroom
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: Home-made soba/buckwheta noodles, tempura, and local farmers’ products

The other day a good friend of mine, Mayumi, owner of the Flower Shop Pepiement in Shimada City, was kind enough to drive (look at bus access below) drive me to an authentic local farmers restaurant and shop called Yamayuri/Mountain Lily up the road leading to Ikumi in the northern part of Shimada City. I already had the occasion to use this same bus twice up to its final stop and I would definitely suggest anyone to take and discover the true back country of japan with all kind of quaint sites!

The shop alone is worth the trip!
Better come early to pick the best choice of local seasonal vegetables and fruit!

And don’t miss all the home-made jams, preserves, pickles and discover the tastes of real rural Japan!

The restaurant is just left past the entrance!

Place the orders before entering the restaurant! Even you do not understand Japanese the menus are explained with pictures. Just point and pay beforehaand!

The local vegetables used in the dishes of the day!

The restaurant includes a soba classroom!
Even if you only wish to eat there taking pictures is welcome!

More pictures depicting the activities of the day inside the restaurant!

Hot soba!
Of course the soba are made afresh every day!

Cold soba!

I could not resist their gyoza!
Actually excellent and light and tasty!

Cold soba mounted with fresh hot tempura!

The tempura might look rough (don’t forget this farmer’s wife cooking!) but you can’t beat the taste of fresh local vegetables! A delicacy for vegetarians!

If you have a day off do combine the restaurant and shop with a slow trip in the midst of rural Japan!

Address: 427-0232 Shizuoka Prefefecture, Shimada City, Ikumi, 5202 (access by car or Ikumi Sem Midosawa Yuki/伊久身線御堂沢行き community bus line every hour from Shimada Station north exit. Get off at Yamayuri/やまゆり bus stop. First bus leaving at 7:00, last at 20:00, return bus first at 6:14, last at 18:54. Count 40 minutes trip. Only 8 buses a day!)
Tel.: 0547-39-0193
Opening hours: 10:00~16:00 (better check on the phone first!)
Closed on Thursdays and Fridays (open on Fridays in August)
Soba/Buckwheat noodles preparation classes, Table BBQ, Ground Golf, Farmer’s wife cooking class, etc.
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)


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