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Green Tea: Shizuoka Prefecture Tea First Auctions in 2012 in Shizuoka City!

As proved every year with this most important event Tea growers are early-risers!
Since Marufuku Tea Factory (Shizuoka City) in the person of Ms. Asami Itoh/伊藤麻美 had again kindly invited me to attend and interview at the official first day of the new tea auctions (officially) held today (April 25rd) I found myself the only European (journalist) present at the early hour of 6:00 a.m.!

As a special guest I was wearing a cap with Marufuku Tea Factory written on it (the only foreign journalist offered the privilege that day!)!

But most people must have gathered there since 5:00 a.m. notwithstanding the bad weather!

A tea massage demonstration was held outside for the benefit of the media!

It is fun to take the local media at work!

The local “Chya Musume”/Tea Ladies serving fresh tea to all! The tea was Hon Yama Tea from around Shizuoka City!

The real tea auctions had been taking place from very early inside the Shizuoka Tea Hall where (officially) 800 people were busy selling and buying green tea from all over the Prefecture!

Signs and names clearly indicated which teas were auctioned by which growers at which desks!

Mr. Fumiaki Ichikawa/市川文明さん, auctioning the tea of Marufuku Tea Factory/丸福製茶株式会社!

All the green tea on auction is asai-mushi tya/浅い蒸し茶/tea that had been lightly steamed during the previous night!

Each tray of tea was placed with an auction card and tea box with the company trademark.

The card with the proposed price and the tea box of the same company!

At the bottom of a card a client had agreed to buy one batch of 10 kg!

The time had come for the official speeches and the TV crews were ready to shoot the noon and evening news of the day.

The Chairman of the Shizuoka Prefecture Tea Growers Association.

The political bigwigs!
This is an event that the very top local politicians cannot afford to miss!

The Tea Ladies were certainly all ears!

Shizuoka Prefecture Governor, Heita Kawakatsu/川勝平太静岡県知事!

Shizuoka City Mayor, Nobuhiro Tanabe/田辺信宏静岡市長!

The auction is always concluded with the traditional hand clapping!
In this case it was done in the “sanbonjime/triple clapping” style!

Outside some were busy preparing food for sale for all those hungry people!

A local farmer was even selling tea trees in pots!

Note: In spite of all the recent radioactivity scares this year’s tea is not only absolutely safe, it is at least as good as last year’s!
Next report will be in the tea-fields picking up the Ichiban Cha (First leaves of the year)!

Marufuku Tea Factory
420-0006 Shizuoka Shi, Aoi Ku, Wakamatsu, Cho, 25
Tel.: 054-271-2011
Fax: 054-271-2010
Mobile: 090-3250-4188

CHA-O (Director, Ms. Asami Itoh)
420-0006 Shizuoka Shi, Aoi Ku, Wakamatsu Cho, 94
Tel: 054-253-8421
Fax: 054-253-8413


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Japanese Cheese: Hokkaido Raw Milk Cheeses Plate


There is a very welcome competition in Shizuoka City when it comes to cheese, both from Japan and abroad, because of the awareness created by Keiko Kubota at Gentil.
Now, I have the luck to be very friendly with the owner of Nagashima Liqueur Shop in Shizuoka City who spent a long time studying in France. As a wine lover, he is very fond of cheese and retails a few very well-chosen ones in his shop.

These days he is introducing a series of delicious raw milk (unusual in Japan till recently) from Hokkaido.
Last night I had the pleasure to taste them at home at last:


Top left: Sasa no Yuki
Top right: Koban
Bottom Left: Sakura
Bottom right: Raclette


Sasa no Yuki means Bamboo Grass Snow. Such short ban\mboo grass are found everywhere in Japan and have been used for eons to wrap food. A bamboo grass is “wrapped” around the cheese reminiscent of the French Feuille de Dreux Cheese.
Mild Camembert type, very easy to eat on some great toasted bread!
It is the size of a Camembert, 250g and like all these cheeses is exclusively made form Cow’s raw milk with the addtion of a little salt.
All four cheeses can aged at home.


Koban is another soft type cheese reminiscent of Pave and Camembert in France. Very mild and easy on the palate.
Weight: 150 g


Sakura/Cherry Blossom is considered as the best Japanese creation when it comes to cheese. It received prizes all over the World, especially Germany, and was served at the last G8 Meeting in Hokkaido!
Weight: 90g
Served with a cherry blossom pickled in salt.
Reminiscent of Saint-Marcellin, but slightly milder, it is extremely elegant and complex.
Can be matured at will!
A discovery!


Raclette. made in the same way as Swiss and French Raclette, it is milder and great heated and flowing on brea, as a Fondue, as it is or toatsed on muffins!
It had been matured for 3 months.
Won the Best Japanese Cheese Contest in 1998.
Weight: 200g per cut.

Nagashima Saketen
420 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku,Ryuunan, 1-12-7
Tel.: 054-2459260
Fax: 054-2459252
(Japanese Blog)

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Green Tea: New Green Tea being harvested and sold in Shizuoka Prefecture!

(Courtesy of Shizuoka Shimbun)

Shizuoka Prefecture produces 50% of all green tea grown in Japan.
“Shinsha”/New Tea is being harvested in earnest and sold after a long wait!

Picture above shows tea being handpicked in Kawane, Shimada City, home of some of the best green tea in Jaapn, along the railway line used by the Oikawa Steam Locomotive, one of the very few left in Japan!

Tea is being dry-roasted (picture left bottom) , and auctioned (picture right bottom) in Shizuoka City.

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New Green Tea Season opened in Shizuoka!


The new green tea season has just opened in Shizuoka Prefecture!
Our Prefecture produces more than half of all green tea harvested in Japan and is the leader not only in quantity but also in quality!

If you happen to stop at Shizuoka JR Railway Station, keep an eye open!


The MOTOYAMA Tea Growers Association is offering a free tasting of their new tea to all and sundries!
New tea is called “Shinsha” (New Tea) or “Ichiban cha” (First Tea) in Japanese.
A great occasion to make acquaintance with Japanese Nationla Beverage!

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