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Shizuoka Beer Tasting: Oratche Brewery-Atami Beer 「Miyabi」Red Ale!

It had been some time since I last tasted craft beers concocted by Oratche Brewery adn I had the occasion to get a couple I hadn’t tasted yet the other day when I traveled all the way to Kannami!


This particular brand can usually only be found around Atami for which it had been conceived.
The name 「Miyabi」or 雅 means “elegant” in Japanese!
It does bear the usual inscription “Kaze no Tani Biiru/Wind Valley Beer” usually found on their labels.
This label is particularly beautiful and I’ll keep in case a craft beer lover truly wants it!
Also note that Oratche Brewery was the first brewery in Japan to be officially recognized by the Government as producing organic beer!
In this case all cereals used for tthat particular beer are 85% organic. Remarkable!


Product: Oratche Brewery Atami Beer 「Miyabi」Red Ale
Draught/nama Beer, unfiltered
Ingredients: Barley Malt, barley, hops. Barley malt 85 organic
Contents: 360 ml


Clarity: Very clean if somewhat a bit smoky (normal as it is unfiltered)
Alcohol: 5.5 degrees
Color: Rich orange brown
Foam: Fine and light bubbles. Longish head
Aroma: Assertive but light and dry. Oranges.
Taste: Dry, deep and pleasant attack. Oranges, bread, hints of caramel.
Short tail. Lingers only for a while before disappearing on an even drier note with hints of nuts.
Keeps its own with food and actually enhances the later without interference.

Overall: Very pleasant, light but satisfying.
Not a thirst-quenching beer in spite of its comparatively light approach.
in fact quite elegant.
A beer for all seasons that should please both genders.
To be enjoyed in the evening after a long day’s work! Don’t be fooled by its dark color. It is not a porter. Typical Oratche’s brew.

419-0105 Tagata Gun, Kannami Cho, Tanna, 349-1
Tel.: 055-974-4192
Fax: 055-974-4191
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)


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Shizuoka Beer 3/5: Oratche Wind Valley Brewery Dark Lager Praha

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Coming back at my office after an afternoon spent on having students take a final exam, I could not resist from opening a bottle that I kept for such emergencies in the fridge. After all it had been a long stuffy day and I still had three hours to wait until dinner!

Windy Valley Brewery Dark Lager Praha

As usual with Oratche this is another organic beer using wheat malt.
It is unfiltered and should be kept in a cold environment because of its live yeast.

Clarity: slightly smoky (unfiltered)
Alcohol: 5.5%
Colour: Dark coffee
Foam: Long head, good medium bubbles
Aroma: Fresh, light, dry. Oranges, bread
Taste: Short tail. Dry and heady. Refreshing. Lighter than expected. Oranges, caramel, bread. Drinks well with food, especially cheese.

Overall: A beer fit for dinner in the heat of the summer. To be enjoyed in the evening after a long day’s work! Don’t be fooled by its dark colour. It is not a porter. Typical Oratche’s brew.

419-0105 Tagata Gun, Tanna, 349-1
Tel.: 055-974-4192
Fax: 055-974-4191
Homepage (Japanese)

Oratche: an ecological symbiosis

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In 1997, when Mr. Tomoyuki Shimono came all the way from Tokyo to Kannami, near Mishima City, he surely had a grand idea: not only he wanted to create his own bio dairy products and beer, but he also knew how to develop it to contribute to a better environment and cooperation with locals.
He certainly needed a lot of courage to achieve his goals: Kannami is far away from urban life regardless of the great numbers of Tokyoites-owned villas sprouting all over a nearby mountain. At the time he arrived there, the land was poor and grew little but oranges due to its exposure to cold winds in winter and searing heat in summer. Oratche’s beer was not called “Wind Valley Beer” because it sounded good, but because it was a fact of life!
I had already written a few articles about their surprisingly good cheeses when I met their young business department executive, Mr. Satoru Nishimura, by pure chance in Isetan Department Store in Shizuoka City. The gentleman most readily assented when I asked him if I may visit and investigate his company. He went as far as picking me up at the station, about ten minutes away from his establishment.
oratche-int1.jpg oratche-int4.jpg
Oratche is a multiple-purpose company as they include a large shop, a dairy classroom for kids, an attraction park with rabbits, goats and ponies.
oratche-int2.jpg oratche-int3.jpg
Local farmers have their own space where they can sell their own bio vegetables to visitors. Oratche had a good idea to recycle the refuse from the many cows they keep for milk and calves they raise for meat. They just give it to the local farmers who can use it as biological fertiliser!
oratche-int12.jpg oratche-int14.jpg oratche-int13.jpg
They certainly never run out of it, I can tell you, as everything is well planned and quickly disposed of! They grow their own corn for feed combined with hay directly imported from the States. Knowing the Japanese Customs’ pickiness, I do not harbour any worry about its quality!
Now, their beer was a discovery!
oratche-int7.jpg oratche-int10.jpg oratche-int9.jpg oratche-int8.jpg
I was lucky to come just after the new batch was finished. It was Sunday, and the beer brewery was on holiday, but they opened for my sole person and was offered a premium taste of three beers (see boards above. I had to decline the others, as I did not trust myself! Lucky I don’t drive!)
Great beer, seven of them, unfiltered and organic, with a very creamy foam. Wait until I report on the bottles I brought back home!
Before taking my leave, the company graciously offered me lunch at their restaurant where most ingedients are local. The enormous chicken side I chose is from Mishima, and the vegetables from local farmers. The carrots were so sweet!

Do look at their homepage, ven if it in Japanese (they are planning to start a blog soon), and you will see their wealth of products: milk, cream, butter, cheese,yoghurt, ice-creams, fruit juices, jams, cakes and beer!

I’m planning on more visits. If you are interested, do join me!

419-0105 Shizuoka Ken, Tagat Gun, Tanna, 349-1
Tel.: 055-974-4192
Fax: 055-974-4191
Business hours: 10:00~18:00 (week days), 10:00~20:00 (Sat., Sun. and National Holidays)
Free car park.