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French Dessert: Glace aux Mendiants/Beggars’ Ice Cream


“Beggars” in French has two meanings:
1) hobo, mendicant, …
2) it is the name given to dry fruit and grains used in desserts and cakes.
It is a tradition for example to make a tart called the Beggars Tart with 7 different kinds of dry fruit and nuts in Winter.

This is why why this ice-cream is called “Beggars’ Ice Cream”!

INGREDIENTS: 4 persons

-Milk: 250 ml
-Thyme leaves: 1 tablespoon
-Sugar: 90 g
-Powder milk: 40 g
-Egg: 1
-Whole fresh cream: 120 ml

-Marrons glaces: 75 g
-Preserved orange peels: 5o g
-Unsalted pistachio: 15 g


-In a large pan bring the milk to boil and let the thyme infuse into it.

-In a large bowl mix the sugar and the powder milk.

-Separate egg yolks and whites.
In a deep bowl beat the egg yolks with a whisker with a little lukewarm nilk. Add the sugar and milk powder and mix. Add the rest of the milk.
Pour back into the large pan and mix with a spatula over a medium low fire.

-When the cream has become homogeneous/smooth, take off the fire and pour back into the deep bowl. Le cool.

-When the cream has completely cooled down, add and mix in the fresh cream and leave in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes.

-Take the cream out and strain it to discard the thyme leaves.

-Switch the ice cream maker/ice cream freezer on. Pour in the cream and let it turn/work for 25 minutes. When the ice cream starts jellyfing add egg whites, marrons glaces, orange peels and pistachio.
Fill soft molds (to make ice-crams easy to unmold) with ice ceam and leave inside freezer until just before serving.

-Serve it decorated with small pieces of marrons glaces, orange peels and broken pistachio over a caramel tile!

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French Dessert: Tarte au Cafe/Coffee Tart


The French desserts series continue!
Notice that this tart is served with a sauce, both lukewarm!

Tart au Cafe/Coffee Tart!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 persons

Flour: 125 g
Sugar: 70 g
Butter: 60 g and 20 g for the mold
Egg: 1
Salt: a pinch

-Coffee Cream:
Lukewarm strong coffee: 300 ml
Butter: 130 g
Sugar: 200 g
Eggs: 6

-Chocolate sauce:
Dark chocolate: 100 g
Sugar: 70 g


Mix 60 g of butter cut in small pieces with the sugar and salt. Then add the egg and mix. last, add the flour and mix.
Once the pastry has become homogeneous/smooth, wrap it in cellophane paper and leave it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Preheat oven to 100 degrees Celsius.
Butter the inside of a mold (24 cm diameter). Spread the pastry with a pastry roll and place inside mold.
Puncture pastry with a fork. Cover it with a sheet of baking paper. Fill it with dry beans or baking pellets and cook for 10 minutes.

-Coffee Cream:
Melt butter in the lukewarm coffee.
Beat the eggs with the sugar until the mixture whitens. Then add te butter coffee and mix.
Take the tart out of the oven. Take out beans and baking paper. Fill the tart with the coffee cream and bake at 80 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.

-Chocolate Sauce:
Cut the chocolate finely with a knife.
Heat 150 ml of water and sugar to boil.
Take off fire.
Add the chocolate and whisk it strongly until the chocolate has completely melted.

-Unmold the tart carefully after having cooled down completely.
Serve with lukewarm chocolate sauce.

The slow baking of the taart is necessary to preserve the smoothness of the coffee cream!

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French Dessert: Mousse Chocolat Cafe et Tuile Orange Cafe Chocolat


Back into French Desserts!
Sorry for the fuzzy pic. I only had my mobile phone ready to take pics.
The titel is a bit long and needs a translation:
Coffee-scented Chocolate mousse and its Tile made of Orange, Coffee beans and Chocolate! (Phew!)

INGREDIENTS: For 6 people

Chocolate: Black and coffee scented/perfumed, 200 g
Hot strong coffee: 1 cup
Eggs: 5
Butter: 50 g
Sugar: 30 g
Salt: 1 pinch

Chocolate perfumed coffee beans: 40 g
Coffee beans: 10
Flour: 60 g
Almonds (thinly sliced): 80 g
Butter: 100g
Brown sugar: 100 g
Orange juice: 200 ml


Melt the chocolate and butter together over a bain-marie (one bowl into another bowl half full of water to avoid direct flame/fire contact with bowl). Dissolve the sugar into the strong hot coffee.
When the chocolate has melted add the coffee. Delicately mix, neither too long, nor too strongly, or you will break the harmony of the chocolate. Let cool down to lukewarm.
Break the eggs and separate the yolks and whites into two different bowls.
Add the salt to the egg white and whisk them into a solid meringue.
Add and mix the egg yolks into the coffee/butter/chocolate mixture.
Add and delicately fold into the meringued egg whites.
Pour the mousse into individual cups/bowls and leave inside the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
Dry fry the thinned almonds on a frypan.
Crush the 10 coffee beans and add to the orange juice. Heat to boil.
Reduce to half and then filter the juice.
Melt butter on a very low fire. Then add the sugar, flour, orange juice and the almonds.
Let the tile paste cool down completely before adding the chocolate perfumed coffee beans.
On a non-stick oven plate (if unavailable, spread a cooking paper sheet over the oven sheet) pour the paste,1 tablespoon at a time and spread with back of the spoon.
Bake the tiles. They must be a bit thick an soft unde the teeth.
Keep the tiles in a tightly closed box until you serve them with the mousse.

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Blueberry and Red Wine Ruby Mousse


Here is a seasonal dessert for adults with a wicked liking for wine!

Blueberry and Red Wine Ruby Mousse!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 cups (to share?)

-Blueberry Mousse:
Powdered gelatin or agar agar: 5 g
Water: 2 large tablespoons
Plain yoghurt: 200 ml/1 cup
Honey: 40 g
Frozen blueberries (or fresh in season): 7
Lemon juice: a little
Fresh cream: 50 ml

-Red wine jelly:
Red Wine: 100 ml
Sugar: 15 g
Lemon juice: a little
powdered gelatin or agar agar: 2.5 g
Water: 2 large tablespoons

-For decoaration:
Blueberries: to taste
Mint leaves


-Blueberry Mousse:
Pour water into a bowl, add gelatin and mix in (in that order, please otherwise you will fail!)
Drop yoghurt, honey (liquid) and blueberries in a mixer/food processor. Mix until smooth.
Beat up fresh cream until it “horns” stand. Add to mousse mixture. Season with lemon juice.
Dissolve gelatin in water by gently heating it. Add to Mousse mixtureand mix. Pour the the blueberry mousse into 4 recipients of your choice and leave inside fridge for 30 minutes or until properly solidified.

-Wine jelly:
As for the bleberry mousse, add gelatin to water.
In a small pan heat red wine and sugar together to dissolve. Stop fire as soon as you think that the alcohol has evaporated. Season with lemon juice.
Let cool completely.
Dissolve gelatin in water by gently heating it. add to red wine jelly mixture and let cool completely.
Pour jelly over Blueberry Mousse and put v\back into refrigerator to solidify.
Only when the whole mousse and jelly are firm enough decorate with blueberries and fresh mint leaves.

Make a point to scoop both parts for top enjoyment!

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Quick Summer Dessert: Blueberries Tofu


Tofu for dessert?
And why not?
Easy, healthy and great for the whole family!
Bluberries Tofu!

INGREDIENTS: For one dessert
-tofu: 100 ml (half a cup)
-Frozen bluberries: half a cup
-vanilla ice cream: a small scoop
-Fresh bluberries: 2~3

-Drop all ingredients in a mixer/blender and blend until blueberries are reduced to pulp.
-Pour inside recipient/cup/glass of your choice. Decorate with fresh blueberries.

Note: don’t overblend, otherwise ice cream will turn liquid!

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Fruits & Chocolate Cream Mousse


I’ve always loved chocolate mousse and cream as far as I can remember and am always on the lookout for a simple recipe!
Here is one that even chidren could make:
Fruits & Chocolate Cream Mousse!

INGREDIENTS: For 5 people
-Chocolat Cream Mousse:
Milk Chocolate (use you favorite brand!): 65 g
Fresh cream: 200 cc (1 cup)

Fruit marinade:
Seasonal fruit (I cho0se mango this time as they are available most of the year): 1
Liqueur (Your favourite!): I chose rum this time: 2 large tablespoons


Any fruit is fine. Think of volume and cuts: pears, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, …


Marinate your fruit with your favourite liqueur.


Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie at about 50 degrees celsius.


Whisk the fresh cream up to your own liking.


Add one third of the whisked fresh cream and mix gently.


Add rest of fresh cream and mix gently. If you whisk it too hard, ingredients will separate.


Place marinated fruit into recipients.


Pour chocolate cream on top and leave in refrigeartor for 2 hours.

Before serving decorate each cup using your imagination!

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Easy Vegetable and Fruit Yoghurt Mousse


Is your whole family vegetarian?
Here is a dessert for all, adults and chidren alike:
Vegetables and Fruit Yoghurt Mousse!

INGREDIENTS: for 8 people
Vegetable Juice: 200 cc (1 cup)
Fresh cream: 200 cc (1 cup)
Yoghurt: 250 cc (1 and a quarter cups)
Sugar: 100 g
lemon juice (to taste)
Gelatin or agar agar powder: 10 g

Vegetable juice: 350 cc (1 and three quarters cups)
Sugar: 200 cc (1 cup)
Sugar: 30 g
Gelatin or agar agar powder: 10 g

Blueberry jam (to taste)/You may use other fruit jams naturally!

Lukewarm water to dissolve gelatin: 6 large tablespoons each

-Preparing jelly:
Add water to vegetable juice and warm up inside microwave oven for 30 seconds. Take out, add sugar and mix.

Add gelatin dissolved in lukearm water and stir well.
Pour in individual recipients. Let cool.
Leave inside refrigerator for 40~60 minutes until it has properly solidified.

-Preparing mousse:
Mix fresh cream with sugar in blender or whisk until half solid (should still see bubbles)

In a separate bowl pour vegetable juice, yoghurt and lemon juice. Add gelatin dissolved in lukewarm water and mix well.

-Let cool and pour over jely in individual recipients. Leave in refrigerator until properly solidified.

-Once the mousse ad solidified, top with jam thinned with a little water. If the dessert is for adults only, thinning the jam with liqueur is a good idea!

Open to imagination and variations!

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