Tomato & Eggplants Stew

Aubergines or eggplants/eggplants and tomatoes are the vegetables of the summer!
They come in cheap, are aplenty and very healthy.
The French have “invented” ratatouille to accomodate them together.
This recipe is a cross between the French and Italian concept.
Vegans should forget the bacon and adopt this simple recipe!

Tomato & Eggplants Stew!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 people

-Eggplants: 4
-Tomatoes: 2
-Bacon: 60g
-Garlic: 1 clove
-Parsley/finely chopped: 1 tablespoon
-Flour: as appropriate
-Olive oil (EV): as appropriate
-Salt & pepper
-Frying oil


-Peel the eggplants partly along their length in 4~5 spots for design. Cut lengthwise in 4 and cut across to obtain 2 cm thick pieces.

-Cut the tomatoes in 2 cm side cubes.

-Cut bacon in 8 mm wide strips/pieces.

-Cut the garlic clove in two halves and take out core (indegistble!). Cruch the garlic.

-Coat the cut eggplants with flour. Shake off excess flour before deep-frying them at high temperature (170~180 degrees Celsius). Once fried, lay on kitchen paper to take off excess oil, then transfer into bowl. Sprinkle them with a little salt.

-Pour some olive oil in a frypan. Heat it and fry bacon in it. When the bacon becomes crispy, add the tomato cubes and garlic. Fry until most water/liquid is gone. Season with salt and pepper.

-Throw in the eggplants and check taste and add salt and pepper if necessary. Add chopped parsley and a little more olive oil before serving.

Very easy and adaptable, isn’t it?

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