Japanese Cuttlefish/Squid Species 5: Firefly Squid-Sparkling Enope Squid-Hotaru Ika-蛍烏賊


Sparkling Enope Squid is a name difficult to remember and the translation of the Japanese name, Hotaru Ika/蛍烏賊 or Firefly Squid, certainly holds a better sound and is more adapted to reality.
It is also known as Matsui Ika in Toyama Prefecture.

The Sparkling Enope Squid is found in the Western Pacific ocean at depths of 600 to 1200 feet and exhibits bioluminescence. Each tentacle has an organ called a photophore, which produces light. By flashing these lights, the Sparkling Enope Squid can attract small fish to feed upon.

The Sparkling Enope Squid is the only species of cephalopod in which evidence of color vision has been found. While most cephalopods have only one visual pigment, firefly squid have three, along with a double-layered retina. These adaptations for color vision may have evolved to enable firefly squid to distinguish between ambient light and bioluminescence.

The Sparkling Enope Squid measures about 3 inches long at maturity and dies after one year of life.
The Sparkling Enope Squid can also light up its whole body to attract a mate. The mating season of the Sparkling Enope Squid lasts from March to June.

The fishing season lasts from Spring to Summer. The annual catch varies between 4,500 and 6,500 tonnes.

Very fresh Firefly squid can be appreciated as sashimi when very fres.

Boiled, they make for a great snack with bee!

They are very cute served as nigiri sushi!

Italian restaurants in Japan often feature them in their menus!


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2 thoughts on “Japanese Cuttlefish/Squid Species 5: Firefly Squid-Sparkling Enope Squid-Hotaru Ika-蛍烏賊”

  1. I like the squid nigiri sushi best…looks yummy. interesting post …never knew that their life span is so short and how thie light up their body to attract their mate :p lucky it doesnt happen to human :p


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