Japanese Fish Species 22: Cornet Fish-Yagara-矢柄

The cornetfishes or “Yagara/矢柄/Arrow Shape” in Japanese, are a small family Fistulariidae of extremely elongated fishes in the order Syngnathiformes. The family consists of just a single genus Fistularia with four species, found worldwide in tropical and subtropical marine environments.

Ranging up to 200 centimetres (6.6 ft) in length, cornetfishes are as thin and elongate as many eels, but are distinguished by a very long snout, distinct dorsal and anal fins, and a forked caudal fin whose center rays form a lengthy filament. The lateral line is well-developed and extends onto the caudal filament.

They generally live in coastal waters or on coral reefs, where they feed on small fishes, crustaceans and other invertebrates.

They are often confused with Trumpet Fish which are different and a lot smaller.


Yagara is also a fish often caught in the Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture!
I ventured inside the great Supermarket inside Shizuoka City JR Station as they are bound, especially in the seafood department, to exhibit some interesting specimens.
I certainly was not disappointed!


Here is another picture to give you an idea of the size!

Trumpet Fishes come in “blue” and “red” varieties.
This red (“aka”) Trumpet Fish is more common in our Prefecture.
A bit of a monster, it was a good 1,5 meter (five feet) long and weighed over 5 kg.
I was told 3 meters (10 feet) long specimens are regularly caught in Suruga Bay, the main Bay of Shizuoka Prefecture!

I knew that my friends at Tomii Restaurant would be interested.
I called them on my mobile.
They replied they definitely were!
I bought the fish on their behalf. At 130 US$, it was cheap (I actually bargained a bit!), considering what customers would pay for this delicate fish, either as sublime sashimi or delicious “nabe”!

Yagara sashimi Plate!

“Shioyaki/Salt-grilled Yagara”!

Japanese-style Yagara soup!

Steamed yagara!


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8 thoughts on “Japanese Fish Species 22: Cornet Fish-Yagara-矢柄”

  1. I have no idea if I should feel hungry after looking at that creature! It feels like going to a restaurant of another dimension!


      1. Yes! They look delicious on the plates! Would be a little doubtful with the sashimi but will still try it if I have the chance!


      2. Actually, this fish is a beauty as there is somuch to present a full meal although only restaurants can afford it!
        Mind you , I would buy it if I had a party ot organise!
        By the way, more fashion pics coming!


      3. It’s quite sad to know that not much places serve these awesomeness food (Don’t even mention about living outside of Japan) I believe it will be hard for me to land my hands on one of these! Probably the next time I visit Japan again, this will be the first thing I’ll look for to enjoy! *slow-mo glance at the word – fashion* AWESOME! (`・ω・´)”


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