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Foodbuzz Proposal: Submit a Budget Lunch!


Upon reading recent great postings by budget-limited ladies like Sugarbar and GirlJapan introducing appetizing recipes and including stunning pics, I felt that in these times of poor economy and reduced budgets it could be a good idea to share experience in preparing meals without emptying your purse. After all, cakes and superlative dinners at renown restaurants are great, but we still have to eat balanced food at the best value everyday!

This is where I would like to propose the Foodbuzz gurus to open another section on their “Submit” window, namely “Submit a Budget Lunch”!

As an example to illustrate the above request, here is what The Missus came up with for lunch yesterday (full pic above):


The salad was made with chopped greens, boiled green and mauve (they turn violet upon boiling, but recover their original colour when sprinkled with dressing) all bought at the local supermarket and grown locally.


The rice bowl. I had two helpings.


The Missus steamed rice with home-stewed azuki beans and violet sweet potatoes. Upon steaming it, she took the konbu/seaweed piece out, chopped it fine and mixed it back with the rice. She served it in a bowl sprinkled with white sesame seeds.
Until now, this could have become a lunch for vegans or vegetarians!


The main dish. I had two helpings, too!


The whole lot was stewed in the “oden” fashion providing for great hot soup! It contained daikon, konnyaku (devil’s tongue tuber), ito (vermicelli) konnyaku, bacon-cabbage rolls, cabbage-sausage rolls (the rolls are home-made, not frozen) and “buta bara niku/large chunks of pork”.

Cheap, fulfilling and healthy!

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Foodbuzz Virtual Bar (second proposal): Submit a Drink!


Greetings, everyone!
You can’t stop the old geezer!

I recently made a proposal for a Foodbuzz Virtual Bar, but after some talks (Thanks, Natasha and Jen!) and a lot of thinking (not true, LOL, pining, I would say!), it might prove too big an enterprise for the Foodbuzz gurus to change the whole tool bar to accomodate a new “Tasting/Drinks/Bar” portal.

Now, until time and technology is found, a (momentarily) satisfactory solution could be to add a new item to the “Submit Foodbuzz” window called “Submit a Drink”!
To this, a whole range of alternate subdivisions could be added like in the “Submit a Recipe” item (courses, cuisines, diets, etc.) such as “Wines”, “Beers”, “Sake”, “Spirits”, Soft Drinks”, etc.

What do you all think?

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24 Ways of Preparing Chicken by Mira of Malaysia!

Glancing Thru My Crystal Ball

Mira of Malaysia (from Sarawak, Borneo, now living in Kuching) is a student from Malaysia who has been recently chosen by Foodbuzz, a world-wide Food Bloggers Community counting more than 18,000 (in only 2 years!), with 23 other bloggers to post a food event article and pictures for the pleasure of all!

Glancing Thru My Crystal Ball

So Mira, with a little help of her friends prepared, cooked and presented no less than 24 different chicken dishes, including Malay, Chinese, Indian and Sarawak, her home, in as many pictures and recipes!

Do visit her blog at Glancing Thru My Crystal Ball, I can guarantee you will not only enjoy every recipe, picture and comment, but you will feel the more cognizant for it!
I forgot to mention it: Mira is apparently setting a record (as far as I know!) as the youngest blogger chosen by Foodbuzz for their 24, 24, 24 Worldwide Event!

Now, you can be sure the Missus will ask me to do all Mira’s recipes! LOL

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Foodbuzz Postings Presentation

(Willem Claesz Heda)

Dear All!
The old geezer is at it again!

Foodbuzz bloggers are a great many and they also represent the whole spectrum of our world. But they share only two common factors: the love of good food (and drinks) and the English language (at least for a start!).
The natural consequence is a need for postings not only of high interest, but also of high quality standards.
Accordingly, I would like to share some my views on what would make an attractive page to all visitors.
True to say, these are personal views and anyone has the right to disagree with all of them!

Out: a webpage stretched all over the screen (and beyond…)
In: A clear-cut webpage with neutral margins

The eyes can take in only 60% of the whole screen as a single image without having to move right or left. If they also have to move up and down as well, they will quickly send a negative image to the viewer’s brain.

Screen wall and wallpapers
Out: Big colorful heading taking over 30% of the screen upon entrance
Overwhelming wall paper.
Loud invasive music.
Too many sponsor banners
In: A simple and precise heading introducing the viewer to the true nature and purpose of the blog.
Music is fine if you invite the visitor to click on it.
The less graphics, the better
A white or light neutral color background.

Having to scroll down a page because the heading is taking almost the whole of the screen will stop many viewers into their tracks.
Big red hearts all over the screen because Valentine day is around the corner, or rainbow stripes slicing across everything are tacky and cheap at the best, and a painful hindrance at the worst, discouraging potential visitors from the very moment they discover a new blog.
A webpage looking like an advertisement billboard will achieve only the opposite result.
If your posting is good enough to be read until the end, only then viewers will be more enticed to peruse through the commercials and eventually click on them. Let’s face it: a conservative estimate would amount to at least 10,000 viewers hitting on any banner at least once a day to make any significant profit.
Unless you are a third-grader reading a picture book, would you expect to read a magazine with the text printed in yellow over a black background, or vice-versa?
A blog is no less than another form of magazine.

Out: Framing.
Staggered alignment.
Very large pictures
Excessive “copyright naming”
In: Pictures of a reasonable size aligned along the left margin border
Pictures used as related reference to your posting.

If your posting is about a topic more than a report, one single picture or graphic should be enough.
If you write a recipe, introduce more pictures (a smaller size that can be enlarged with a click are best, then) to illustrate various steps if absolutely necessary.
If you write about a meal at a restaurant, do not illustrate your posting with a single pic of yourself in the company of the chef unless you are both superstars (in which case your place is in a magazine or on TV!). Visitors will expect a good photograph of each dish you enjoyed! This is where real sharing starts!
Bloggers have a right to protect their pictures (I personally don’t), but enormous names written across the pictures are terribly detrimental to the pictures themselves. Sensible small lettering should be enough (fine, I understand that anyone can “cut out” a photograph!).

Out: Pompous declarations.
Empty grand announcements obviously aimed at luring in more viewers
Interminable titles.
In: Short, precise and truthful titles

Your title is the first and lasting impression given to the visitor. The posting will live by it!

Out: Large fancy lettering
In: Small readable standard lettering

Too large and fat lettering will uselessly expand the article to infinity.
A visitor should be able to size up the first one or two chapters quickly instead of stretching his senses into a painful search.
Large fonts will only conceal a lack of quality or contents like an over-chilled wine or a scalding-hot Japanese sake.
When necessary, bold black or red letters for subtitles should be sufficient.

Syntax, Grammar and spelling:
Out: Lack of punctuation.
Poor grammar and syntax
In: Proofread your article before publishing it

If “non-native” English speakers make an effort to write their postings in English, “native” speakers should make an effort to write in style. After all, “non-native” bloggers will learn a lot from their “native” friends!

Out: Constant references to oneself, one’s own past postings or articles
Omission to refer to other postings or articles from which you had a fair reason to borrow.
In: Introducing other bloggers’ work or websites, especially when their postings are directly related.

Referring to related blogs in your posting will become another reason for visitors to come back

Cheers to that!

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Foodbuzz Virtual Bar (proposal)

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Greetings, everyone!

This is an appeal to all Foodbuzz friends who not only enjoy their drink(s) but also endeavor to share, compare and expand their tasting experiences and discoveries.

There are a lot of people out there who drink a lot, if I may indulge in the ever-corny expression, be it alcohol or just plain (but good) water!
One cannot ignore them any longer!

As much as savoring sublime food and creating outstanding recipes at home or in restaurants, drinking is an integral part of a meal. One may not attain a certain (elevated) epicurean knowledge and at the same time ignore the physical need for a large daily amount of liquid matter.
After all, until not so long ago, eating was limited to the obligation of feeding one’s body, while drinking was the sine qua non requisite to a meaningful social life, be it a glass of wine or a cup of tea!

Now, how about asking the Foodbuzz team to insert a “VIRTUAL BAR” or “TASTING”, or “BEVERAGES” portal/button besides “RECIPES” and “RESTAURANTS”, giving access to a featured page? It would certainly become more practical than having to submit tasting reports on “Recipes” or as a “blog post”!
Such a page could be expanded in many ways and categories. For example, a “DAILY TASTING” would emulate the successful “DAILY RECIPE”.
Classifications could be introduced:
-Wines: Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, Still wines, …
-Beer: Microbreweries, Lager, Ale, Port, Stout, ….
-Sake: Futsu/normal, Junmai, Honjozo, ….
-Spirits: Whiskies (single malt, ….),Schnapps, Vodka, Liqueurs, …
-Soft drinks: Tea, Coffee, Fruit juices, Vegan Drinks, Water, Mineral water, …

Judging from the very high number of present Foodies writing about their tasting adventures into the “RECIPES” section, a new page featuring only drinks would easily double the membership in a very near future!

Cheers, sante, Namaste, Kanpai, Prosit, Salute, Kanpai, Chin chin, ….!

Robert-Gilles Martineau

Foodbuzz Friends Ethics

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Greetings, everyone!

Foodbuzz has been in official existence for two years now, and it is improving all the time for the benefit of all.
But this is not a message aimed at complimenting or extolling the virtues of our community.

I already have written an article explaining why and how Foodbuzz had been made more secure.
Unfortunately there are still a few people who misunderstand the real purpose of the venture.
Internet has gown through a number of bubbles, and the last thing we want is another one! The problem caused by “posting anything to Friends” with the consequent mail boxes saturation has already been rightly pointed out and dealt with.
I visit many chalkboards every day, and I have repeatedly come across “recruiting” messages and “invitations” to visit blogs. Although legitimate in intention, such postings can become quite offensive when they lack a minimum of civilty.
Let’s call a spade a spade: if a member thinks he/she is here for a quick buck, he/she will have to think again. One will have to wait at least a couple of years and work a minimum of two hours at it every day before making any significant eearnings.
Companies and business-oriented blog owners also have a right to belong to the Foodbuzz community, but I would kindly ask them to first offer their services as Featured Sponsors instead of leaving one-mile long advertizing messages on chalkboards.
All these occurences are a bore at best and an eyesore at worst.

I personally have over 2,000 “Friends”, but I’m pretty happy with my daily 150-odd hits.
Actually, I do harbor doubts as to the need to display numbers in brackets, which tends to encourage unhealthy competitions between members and does not reflect the true picture anyway.

I do not wish to pose as a paragon, but I have a simple method, which brings me plenty of satisfaction:
-1) I make a point to request friendshp with all new foodies.
-2) If my request is accepted, I write a greetings message on my new Friend’s chalkboard with a personal comment or two whenever feasible.
-3) If this message is answered, a new relationship has begun!
If someone requests my friendship, I make a point to accept it, write a thanks message, and visit the website if advertized.

Now this said, no one is perfect, but a little comprehension would certainly come in handy!

Sincerely hoping this old geezer has not unintentionally offended anyone in any manner,

Robert-Gilles Martineau

Foodbuzz made more secure!

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Some of you may have noticed in recent days that things at our favourite site were slightly off-target. There are many reasons for that:
About two weeks ago Foodbuzz faced a nasty concerted attack by spammers attempting to impose their nefarious sales (incidentally, if you discover a “member” whos name includes the word “buy”, inform the site immediately!). There will always be people bent on thievery and scams. It is my personal pleasure to announce that they were swiftly erased into oblivion on (off) the spot. Thank you so much, Shannon!
Last night (in Japan), the site went off line for a few minutes to allow a complete overhaul. Some “My Profile” features had found themselves overloaded through well-intentioned utilization making the access to personal websites through Foodbuzz impossible (Liz, be my witness!). The problem was corrected last night along with a general beefing-up of log-in safety nets. Moreover, a host of new features were added for our convenience.

I have witnessed the rise of the Internet since its inception and I can guarantee there are unsung heroes over there bleeding, sweating and weeping day and night to ensure that we all (humble) beggars enjoy our next banquet in complete serenity! Dorian and mates, thank you heaps!

Therefore, I would like to ask you all to indulge this old geezeer and raise your glass (of Champagne, wine, beer, sake, or mineral water) in a big toast of thanks!
Kampai, cheers, prosit, sante, salute, namaste,…!

Thanks Foodbuzz for the freebies!

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Dear Foodbuzz staff, thanks you so much for all the freebies!
I actually got a few more than anyone else as I received four different packs of business cards for four different blogs!

The eco bag is quickly “changing colour” as most supermarkets have recently started charging for plastic bags in Japan!

As for the apron and the spatula, I might have to give them to the Missus as I am allowed in the kitchen only on week-ends when I’m on cooking duty!

Thanks again!
Cheers and all that,


San Francisco – October 13, 2008: Foodbuzz, Inc., officially inaugurates its food blogger community with more than 1,000 blog partners, a global food blogging event and an online platform that captures the real-people, real-time power of food publishing in every corner of the world. At launch, the Foodbuzz community ranks as one of the top-10 Internet destinations for food and dining (Quantcast), with bloggers based in 45 countries and 863 cities serving up daily food content.
“Food bloggers are at the forefront of reality publishing and the dramatic growth of new media has redefined how food enthusiasts access tasty content,” said Doug Collister, Executive Vice President of Foodbuzz, Inc. “Food bloggers are the new breed of local food experts and at any minute of the day, Foodbuzz is there to help capture the immediacy of their hands-on experiences, be it a memorable restaurant meal, a trip to the farmers market, or a special home-cooked meal.”
Foodbuzz is the only online community with content created exclusively by food bloggers and rated by foodies. The site offers more than 20,000 pieces of new food and dining content weekly, including recipes, photos, blog posts, videos and restaurant reviews. Members decide the “tastiness” of each piece of content by voting and “buzz” the most popular posts to the top of the daily menu of submissions. Foodbuzz currently logs over 13 million monthly page views and over three million monthly unique visitors.
“Our goal is to be the number-one online source of quality food and dining content by promoting the talent, enthusiasm and knowledge of food bloggers around the globe,” said Ben Dehan, founder and CEO of Foodbuzz, Inc.
The Foodbuzz blogger community is growing at a rate of 40 percent per month driven by strong growth in existing partner blogs and the addition of over 100 new blogs per month. “The Foodbuzz.com Web site is like the stock of a great soup. The Web site provides the base or backbone for bloggers to interact as a community, contribute content, and have that content buzzed by their peers,” said Mr. Dehan.
Global Blogging Event
Demonstrating the talent and scope of the Foodbuzz community, 24 Meals, 24 Hours, 24 Blogs offered online food enthusiasts an international, virtual street festival of food and diversity. The new feature showcased blog posts from 24 Foodbuzz partner bloggers chronicling events occurring around the globe during a 24 hour period and included:
• Mid-Autumn Festival Banquest (New York, NY)
• The “Found on Foodbuzz” 24-Item Tasting Menu (San Francisco, CA)
• Aussie BBQ Bonanza – Celebrating Diversity (Sydney, Australia)
• The Four Corners of Carolina BBQ Road Trip (Charleston, SC)
• Criminal Tastes – An Illegal Supper (Crested Butte, CO)
• From Matambre to Empanadas: An Argentine Dinner (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• A Sweet Trompe l’oeil (Seattle, WA)

“24 Meals, 24 Hours, 24 Blogs” captures the quality and unique local perspective of our food bloggers and shared it with the world,” said Ryan Stern, Director of the Foodbuzz Publisher Community. “It illustrates exactly what the future of food publishing is all about – real food, experienced by real people, shared real-time.”
About Foodbuzz, Inc.
Based in San Francisco, Foodbuzz, Inc., launched its beta Web site, foodbuzz.com, in 2007. In less than a year, Fooduzz.com and its community of over 1,000 exclusive partner food blogs have grown into an extended online property that reaches more than three million users.

# # #