Soba Restaurant: Yoshino

Service: Shy but friendly
Facilities: old but clean. Traditional
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: 10 wari soba. Good list of Shizuoka sake.

As I said before there a lot of soba restaurants of various levels in Shizuoka Prefecture, but Yoshino is definitely a member of the Big League!
It seems that all the doctors of the neighboring clinics have made it their main lunch lair!
But do also come for dinner as there is enough on the menu to attract you again and moreover they serve some top-class sake brewed in our Prefecture!

A traditional entrance to an ancient institution!

True Japanese atmosphere inside!

Among the single dishes I recommend two of them;
-Tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette!

Very light and fine, it is not easy to achieve this way!

Yaki miso/Grilled Miso!

It is actually a mixture of white miso paste, buckwheat and yuzu spread on a wooden spatula and cooked under a grill!

You will find it only at good soba restaurants!

I noticed they are using wasabi salt by Tamaruya Co.!

Actually I should have said 3! Buckwheat and Sakura shrimps tofu!

You will find this delicacy only in Shizuoka Prefecture!

I ordered 10 wari soba tenpura set!

10 wari soba (jyu wari soba) means that the noodles are 100% made of buckwheat flour, whereas the cheaper 8 wari soba (Hachi wari soba) contains 20% of wheat flour!

Seasonal tempura!

Beautiful vegetables!

Crispy prawns!

Soba tsuyu/Soba soup to be added to the remaining accompaniment of sauce, scallions and wasabi to be drunk as a soup!

Now, Yoshino serve their own traditional Japanese dessert: Soba Shiratama Senzai!

Cute, isn’t it?

It is topped with ice cream covered with matcha tea powder. The white balls/dango are made of buckwheat and rice flour. The small jelly cubes are made of Japanese agar agra!

The bottom half is filled with azuki beans and anko/sweetmeats!

I’ll take you dinner there next!

To be continued…

420-0839 Shizuoka Shi, Takajyo, 1-7-10
Tel.: 054-255-3277
Business hours: 11:00 until they run out of buckwheat!
Closed on Tuesdays


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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4 thoughts on “Soba Restaurant: Yoshino”

  1. This is THE place to go when I’m in Japan… Seriously it’s probably among the top 3 places from everything I saw on your website.
    I love soba noodles and buckwheat groats too… and the place looks very traditional indeed. And the wonderful, perfect tempura…
    In the grilled miso do you mean buckwheat flour as one of the ingredients? I must try it one day (though I can’t get yuzu here)… I still have to make your wife’s chicken and shiso patties 🙂
    The 100% soba noodles are 3x more expensive here than the 20 or 30% ones, but so much better…
    Shrimps tofu??? You mean it’s mixed with shrimps? wow!
    Do you know the French organic shops sell many strange tofu types (firm tofu), like with herbs, with Indian curry (both strange) and… smoked! I must say the smoked it a real winner. I love it and must make make my Japanese teacher taste it. I am very curious what the Japanese would think of it!
    Ok, tonight is terrine de foie gras night so I shouldn’t complain I’m not in a soba restaurant 😉


    1. Oh my! you will end up in a gastronomic maze if I introduce more shops! LOL
      Actually, although it is a very good place indeed, I srtill have to report on a few more!
      The buckwheat inside the miso is coarsely crushed giving a “bite” to the miso.
      Smoked tofu exists and I actually have written uo the recipe. I will publish it again!
      Enjoy your foie gras!


      1. Thank you, Robert-Gilles! All the Japanese I talked to have never heard of smoked tofu (well, maybe I talked just to 5 people…), while you say it exists!
        This is what happens when a French gourmet lives for a long time in Japan: he knows more about the Japanese food than the Japanese do 😉
        Thank you so much for publishing the recipe once more; at the time you posted it I wasn’t a fan of your blog yet 😉


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