Shizuoka Fish & Seafood at Shizuoka JR Station Parche Supermarket! (October 2011)

Middle bottom: Kanpachi/環八/Great Amberjack. Left, large and red: Kinmedai/金目鯛/Splendid Alfonsino. Right, long and grey: Tachiuo/太刀魚/Scabbard Fish

One way to know your local food is naturally to visit regularly the local supermarkets.
In Shizuoka City we are blessed with a fantastic, maybe not in size but certainly in variety and quality, supermarket inside the JR Station Parche Building.
Now, this is the place to study all about the local (and from other shores!) marine life that will find its way onto your plates!
I do make regular visits just for the joy of it, so let me share with you the photographs of exclusively local seafood caught in the Suruga Bay or around the Izu Peninsula!

Click on pictures to enlarge and copy them!

Front: Ma-aji/真鯵/True Horse Mackerel. Left, top, Aka Shita Birame/赤舌平目/Red Sole. Right, top, Kinmedai/金目鯛/Splendid Alfonsino.

Enormous (and expensive) Isei Ebi/伊勢海老/Spiny Lobster!

Left bottom: Ishigakidai/石がき鯛/Spotted Knifejaw. Left top: Matoudai/まとう鯛/John dory, St. Peter’s fish. Right top: Itoyoridai/いとより鯛/Golden Threadfin-bream,Besugo

A closer view of the Itoyoridai/いとより鯛/Golden Threadfin-bream,Besugo!

A closer view of the Ishigakidai/石がき鯛/Spotted Knifejaw!

A closer view of the Matoudai/まとう鯛/John dory!

Watarigani/わたりがに/Gazami Crab, Blue Swimming Crab!


From bottom top: Itoyoridai/いとより鯛/Golden Threadfin-bream,Besugo. Kuro Shita Birame/黒舌平目/Black Sole. Kuro Mutsu/黒むつ/Japanese bluefish, Bigeye.


Very cute Kasumi Sakura Dai/かすみさくらだい/A variety of (Kasumi Sakura) Seabream found almost only in Suruga Bay!

Meidakarei/めいだかれい/Frog-flounder, Finespotted flounder.

Honkasago/本かさご/True Rockfish, Marbled rockfish, Scorpionfish.

Finally, the pride and joy of Shizuoka Prefecture! Sakura Ebi/桜海老/Cherry Shrimps, just back in season!

To be followed…


With a Glass,
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4 thoughts on “Shizuoka Fish & Seafood at Shizuoka JR Station Parche Supermarket! (October 2011)”

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  2. Oh, I know this place – and I love it..
    Have to return to there, the full range of best-quality products is just unbelievable.
    And moreover, it’s so much fun to stroll in the market!
    Robert, I envy you 😀


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