French Gastronomy: Bistro Premier in Shizuoka City!

Service: Very friendly and smiling service.
Facilities: Great overall cleanliness. Superb washroom.
Prices: Reasonable.
Strong points: French and South European cuisine based on local products. Very relaxing place opening onto a large leisure space in Aoba Park Street.

Aoba Park Street/青葉公園 in Shizuoka City is finally witnessing some welcome changes because it has become more attractive to businesses with the advent of bordering Ryogae-cho and Shichiken-cho being noticeably pared down due to recent developments.
The immediate effect is that this large space is slowly but steadily becoming the new gastronomic meeting place in Shizuoka City.
And the latest addition, Bistro Premier is only confirming the trend!

It was opened last December by young talented Chef Tomomichi Gekka/月花智道さん coming from the mother company, Wine Bar Le Vin in Hamamatsu, with the help of young and bubbly Floor Manager, Ms. Eriko Mamiya/間宮恵理子さん, also from Hamamatsu City.

I finally managed to pay them a visit for lunch yesterday!

Incidentally, you can buy take out food there!

The concept is that of a wide counter with a view on the window-paned kitchen and a room with tables at the back for more privacy.
The place is extremely clean and entirely non-smoking!

The white walls make for a very refreshing and relaxing atmosphere at all times.
Considering you can visit the place for a drink and a quick meal up 12:00 p.m., it is a real boom in this busy city!

I chose the 1790 yen lunch (22 US $ or 17 euros).
The food is heavily accented in favor of local ingredients, especially vegetables!
A small salad and bread.

A glass of wine was included. I opted for a solid Pinot Noir from my birthplace, Bourgogne!

Appetizers assortment: Ratatouille, smoked duck and Caprese salad.

Delicious and hot lentils potage!

Budai seabream poelee with an elegant creamy herb sauce!

The broccolini and stick Junior broccoli made for a perfect accompaniment!
So healthy and tasty!

With petit vert Brussels sprouts (a variety created in Shizuoka Prefecture!), Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, a real beauty!

Now, the desserts created by Tomomichi would deserve a visit of its own!

Vanilla ice cream served in mango sauce with fruits…

on which you pour a superb hot cranberry sauce!

Do I need to say that a report on dinner is coming very soon?

420-0034 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Tokiwa Cho, 2-4-5 (Aoba Park Street, near the fountain)
Tel.: 054-260-6076
Business hours: 11:30~14:30, 17:30~24:00
Closed on Wednesdays
Credit cards OK


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2 thoughts on “French Gastronomy: Bistro Premier in Shizuoka City!”

  1. Faiveley is quite famous and very good winemaker! I’m always surprised to see really good French wines in your posts. You know, if all the red wine regions were to disappear apart from one, I would choose Burgundy without hesitation! (In white it would be several German regions).
    Apparently one of my favourite champagne producers – difficult to buy in France- exports most of her production to Japan. Since her champagne is not famous, not of the “girly” or “nouveau riche” type, but a serious thing with lots of character, for people who drink champagne not only to celebrate with bubbles, but to taste a good bottle of wine, I was in awe of the Japanese sophisticated taste when I learnt it!


    1. Actually almost all French wines are available in Japan,a major market for French wines!
      Would you believe that Cremant is the rage now, especially Cremant de Bourgogne made in Cote Chalonnaise (my home!)?


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