Japanese Izakaya: Odakkui in Shizuoka City!

Service: Very friendly, smiling and attentive in an easy-going manner
Facilities & equipment: Very clean overall. Superb washroom (mouthwash provided!)
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: True izakaya gastronomy of a higher level. Local products extensively used. Great list of sake, shochu. Wine available. Private rooms possible.

Odakkui had been a solid institution when the owner decided to renew the whole place when the building housing them was to be rebuilt.
It has now become just a superb establishment which must be one of the best three izakayas in the whole Prefecture without a doubt!

Chief Manager and Chef Nobuhiro Sugiyama/杉山信廣 at work.

The restaurant is now divided into three distinct rooms to satisfy all customers’ priorities and preferences.
-The main restaurant (called “Omote/おもて/Front”) with a large window overlooking the main street, a counter in front of the kitchen and a large tatami area with dug-in seating.
-A cozy bar-style room (called “Ura/うら/Back”) seating only 5 customers (prices are the same in every room) away from the main room where fried food is prepared. The two rooms communicate through a long corridor bridging the access stairs.
-If you wish for even more privacy three rooms are located behind the small bar. The same rooms can have their partitions taken away for a single private room party.

Don’t worry! There are drinks for every taste including soft ones!

Including plenty of wine!

Plenty of tempting cold foods in wait for you!

For our first visit of newly reformed izakaya the Missus and I opted for the quiet “Ura/Back” bar-style room.
It is just impossible to sample everything in a single visit so we concentrated our order away from fried food we will sample in the “Omote/Front” room next time.

But first the drinks!
While the Missus was sipping her red wine by the glass I started with a cup of Shizuoka sake concocted by Kokko Brewery in Fukuroi City called “Den Ichirou/傳一郎/the professional name of its master Brewer!

One will understand at once the level of an izakaya, whatever the prices (comparatively reasonable in Odakkui considering the quality), when you look at the o-tooshi/お通し/first snack served with first drink: Odakkui’s is not only generous, but absolutely yummy and artfully served on a beautiful Japanese paper napkin!

We always order a plate of seasonal sashimi, another clear indication of the level of any izakaya.
Odakkui’s is just superb! How much would you pay for that in Tokyo? LOL

Beautiful Red Cuttlefish/Aka Ika/赤烏賊! Perfect , almost crispy, bite!

Lean tuna/maguro akami/鮪赤身 that melts inside your mouth. Served with freshly grated Shizuoka wasabi root!

Sole/Hirame/平目 served with its engawa/縁側/Fringe flesh which is usually discarded in Western Cuisine but which is a delicacy here in Japan. No need to say it must absolutely fresh!

A little “service” that you will not be offered for free outside our Prefecture: Home-marinated wasabi stems!
A must-try!

The Missus was keeping to her red wine but it was time for another cup of sake (I was actually offered a “service” cup from another Prefecture in between… the joys of my work!): two different bottles of Toyo Bijin/東洋美人/Beauty of the East from Fukui Prefecture.
Now, which bottle did I choose?
The red label one, naturally!

We couldn’t resist one of the comfort food on display in front of us: grilled bacon and potato salad!

Plenty of fresh vegetables in a well-balanced salad!

Now, another Japanese specialty you will find in any good izakaya, kushiyakiya and yakitoriya: niwatori nankotsu karaage/鶏軟骨唐揚げ/deep-fried chicken cartilages!

Crispy, cracking and so yummy!
needless to say that the chicken must be absolutely fresh!

We had spent a long day walking outside and we were hungry.
No better comfort food than hot (in both senses) mabodofu!

Now, if you a rice fan, you must try Odakkui’s ishi yaki chahan/石焼きチャハン/earthenware fried rice!

A truly Japanese fried rice topped with dried seaweed. A whole meal in itself!

A little detail I always appreciate in a good izakaya: delicious sorbet to refresh yourself!

To be continued… I told you I will have to come up with a report on the Omote/Front room!

420-0024 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Tokiwa Cho, 1-8-1, Aoba Yokocho, 2F
Tel./fax: 054-253-6900
Opening hours: 17:00~24:00
Closed on Mondays
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)
Private parties welcome!
Credit cards OK


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2 thoughts on “Japanese Izakaya: Odakkui in Shizuoka City!”

  1. Nankotsu…. You have made me all dreamy… I thought I was in heaven when the first night on my first stay ever in Japan I saw nankotsu on the menu! Then I saw more and more and more of them in practically all the izakayas! My love for cartilage goes back to the time when I was a small child. I still remember my mum used to give me cartilage when she by accident took it to her plat with a part of grilled chicken (I was crazy for it!). It was such a pleasure to discover that there is finally a nation who knows to appreciate what is good in a chicken 😉
    I also love the way the Japanese can serve mayonnaise with hot food and even with fatty cuts like bacon (I love mayonnaise with tonkatsu!).


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